02.03.2019: 30 Minutes of Songwriting - Special Edition: "John Galt"

Today's soundtrack is Nile: Black Seeds of Vengeance, the first Nile album that I bought. I remember being just floored by the raw intensity of the drumming. I'd heard fast drums before, but I'd never heard anything so visceral. I love the album's ancient Egyptian lyrical themes, too.

I stayed up late last night working on the new song that I'm presenting today: "John Galt," a track inspired by Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, one of my favourite books. The track is available on Bandcamp for download, or you can watch the video that I made for it below!

The track itself has three main parts: a busy, electronic section where the question, "Who is John Galt?" is asked repeatedly; a serene section where a quote from the book is read aloud, reminding the listener to check their premises when they encounter contradictions, and then a return to the hustle of the outside world.

I created a new staccato synth in ReaSynth for this song that runs throughout the track; I like the electronic vibe that it adds to the piece.


#AynRand #JohnGalt #Nile