01.31.2019: 30 Minutes of Songwriting - Special Edition: "Hot for the Mountain"

Today's soundtrack is Demilich: Nespithe, a very unique death metal album. The vocals sound like burps in the Grand Canyon; the riffs are positively jazzy at times, and the drums are somehow both plodding and frantic simultaneously.

This evening, I recorded the vocals for my cover version of the Natalie Prass song "Hot for the Mountain." I'd started work on this song a couple of weeks ago; I first fell in love with the track back when I discovered her album in September.

My intention in making this track was not to try to improve on Prass' song; heck, I didn't even do it justice. I just want to express my appreciation of her songwriting, and this was a fun way to get to understand the song better.

Click here to give my cover of Natalie Prass's song "Hot for the Mountain" a listen. Enjoy!

#Demilich #NataliePrass