01.28.2019: One Lesson of Math - Unit 6 Review, Part 1

Today's soundtrack is Engorged: Engorged, which is described here as a death/thrash metal album, but in my opinion would be better classified as grind/thrashcore. Though the album itself is pretty solid, I'm disappointed in the drum mix; the snare is often buried in the mix, and the hi-hat sounds weak, but the ride and kick do sound good. The bass guitar is super distorted, which I love, and the guitars sound like chainsaws. \M/

This afternoon, I'm starting to work on the review of Unit 6 in preparation for my upcoming test. This unit has focused on trigonometry; I feel like it's been a very productive unit where I've learned a lot! I've been learning about the following:

While reviewing right angle trigonometry, I put together the Right Angle Trigonometry Flowchart to help solidify my understanding of the process we use while solving a right triangle. I also came up with a few silly memes along the way...