01.26.2019: One Lesson of Math - The Cosine Law, Part 2

Today's soundtrack is John Schlitt: Unfit for Swine, a solo album by Petra's lead singer. Even though Petra was my favourite band growing up, when I bought this album, I hadn't put two and to together; all I knew was that this guy sounded just like the singer from Petra, and I was hooked.

A quick side note before we start today's lesson: last night, I started playing around with an animation app called FlipaClip, and I came up with a little animation. The app was pretty intuitive, and I like how my animation turned out!

On to the math! Yesterday, I learned about the cosine law. Today, I finished up the assignment portion of the lesson. It was surprisingly straightforward; I think the fact that it's a natural extension of the Pythagorean Theorem makes it easier to get a grasp on.

I did run into one question that's got me stumped: I was asked to solve a triangle where I was given the length of the hypotenuse and the angle across from it, then I was told that of the two other legs, one was twice the length of the other. Since the known angle was not enclosed by angles technically known, I first tried using the sine law. No dice. I then tried using the cosine law. I manipulated the variables in every way I could think of, but still no dice. I'll need to check in with my instructor about that one on Monday. Other than that one question, though, I had a lot of fun doing this assignment.

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