11.27.2018: 30 Minutes of Songwriting

Today's soundtrack is Charlotte Church: Voice of an Angel. As she was only twelve at the time that this album was recorded, and it's clear that she hadn't yet reached her vocal prime, I do wonder how much of this album was actually her idea and how much of it was a case of her being exploited by a major label. The arrangements are all quite cliche, and sometimes a bit over-the-top. It is a pleasant enough album; I think that later on I'll see what else she's been up to musically since this album. It's obvious that she had tons of potential at the time of recording this album; I hope that she didn't get the "child actor" treatment and end up stuck in a rut.

This evening, I actually ended up spending not 30 minutes, but a few hours writing the drum track for another new metal song that my friend and I are working on together. It's sounding awesome so far!