11.01.2018: 30 Minutes of Songwriting

​Today's soundtrack is Genesis: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. I bought this album in circa 2007 at the recommendation of a friend and, while I thought it was "nice," it never really clicked. I've popped it (or rather "them" - it's a dual-disc set) on now and then since then, but I hadn't given it a listen in the last couple years. Revisiting it today was an incredible experience. I finally started to understand the album. Its complexity isn't in its time signatures; it's more nuanced than that. The way that the drums take a backseat to the other instruments isn't a flaw; it's a feature! It keeps everything balanced. The album has so many layers, so many moving parts, and they all come together to create one beautiful whole. Since I've recently been interested in modular synthesis, it was also a lot of fun listening to the various synths on the album and trying to figure out how they'd created such cool sounds.

This evening, I worked on writing drum tracks for a metal project a friend and I are working on together. It sounds awesome.