09.27.2018: One Lesson of Coding

Today's soundtrack is Death Cab for Cutie: Thank You for Today, another incredible album from this indie rock band from Washington. Every time I listen to their music, I'm inspired to write songs about memories. They were a huge influence on my debut album; most of those songs were written in circa 2005, when I had just started listening to DCfC's album "Transatlanticism" and Blackfield's self-titled album religiously. I think that Death Cab for Cutie was the band that made me realize that sadness and nostalgia have their own kind of bittersweet beauty.

This evening, I'm learning about using CSS to style the body element of an HTML page on freeCodeCamp.

By default, all HTML pages have a body. We can style the body with CSS. We can use the body's CSS style to stylize all elements on that page. To do so, inside of the style section, we list all of the styles that we want applied. For example, if I wanted my whole page to have a blue background and all font to be white Arial, I would do the following:


body {

background-color: blue;

color: white;

font-family: arial;



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