09.17.2018: One Lesson of Math

Today's soundtrack is Natalie Prass: The Future and the Past, a neo-disco album with gorgeous harmonies and intriguing chords. I have fallen in love with her song "Hot For the Mountain."

This afternoon was the orientation day of the math course I'm taking. While I was going over the introductory refresher assignment, I discovered that I'd already forgotten how to perform basic trigonometric problems on my graphing calculator. So I spent my time this evening sorting through my notes and putting together a package for myself to refer to. As I sorted through the notes, some of it came right back, which was relieving. It's pretty surprising, though - it's only been a month and a half since I finished my last math course; I assumed I'd retain it better. But I guess it does make sense - this summer's course was a year's worth in six weeks; this course, I'll have more time to learn, and I'll keep practicing my skills between courses.