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08.25.2018: One Lesson of Coding

Today's soundtrack is Eldamar: A Dark Forgotten Past, an album that sounds to me like a direct descendant of Burzum's classic "Filosofem."

This evening, I'm starting the Basic CSS section on freeCodeCamp. CSS, which stands for "Cascading Style Sheets," is used to control what a webpage looks like. Unlike HTML, CSS is case-sensitive. The standard way of using CSS is to use an external style sheet with the CSS commands, then point those commands at different parts of the webpage.

When we input a CSS command, we end it with a semicolon. If I want to change the colour of a header, I would enter the command style inside of the <h> tag, then indicate what colour I would like the text to be. Because the CSS command modifies the <h> tag, we don't need to use any sort of closing tag like we would have had to do with the old style of HTML (</color>).

<h1 style="color: blue;">The Page Title of Great Victory of the Burninator Dragonz</h1>

#Eldamar #Burzum #CSS

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