08.19.2018: One Chapter of Nonfiction

Today's soundtrack is Insinnerator: Hypothermia, whose sound harkens to the classic thrash metal bands of the 90s. Energetic and a lot of fun.

This morning, I'm reading the introduction of John Grant's An Introduction to Viking Mythology (available in here).

Vikings were both chivalrous and barbaric; they had devised philosophies and mythologies that excused "the most bestial behaviour" (p. 6), though the people who lived in Viking villages only condoned these behaviours if they were carried out in others' cities. The Vikings even had an ethical code in place. It wasn't particularly advanced, and it included such advice as not getting caught if you decide to cheat on your wife, but it was still there.

The Norse mythologies are still with us today, in a way. Their tales influenced Tolkien's world, and Tolkien's fantasy books have influenced countless other authors and artists and screenwriters and video game developers. Look at Skyrim and Amon Amarth, for example. Both are heavily influenced by Viking history and mythology.

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