08.11.2018: 30 Minutes of Game Development

Today's soundtrack is Bloodgood: Detonation, a classic hair-metal album with Christian lyrics and great musicianship.

This afternoon, I'm working on making some sliding pixelated doors for my elevator game. I'm using Pyxel Edit for this project. I want lots of detail in this animation, so I made each frame 80x60 pixels rather than the regular 32x32.

I wanted to make it look like the grate was being pushed from one side, so I tried to get an accordion flow effect by contracting the bars closest to the contact point. At first, I'd simply reversed the animation to close the door, but then I realized that the door looked spring-loaded, which was not the effect that I wanted. So I redid the door closing animation so that it looks like the door is being pulled back closed. I'm very pleased with how this turned out!

#PyxelEdit #Bloodgood