06.30.2018: Learning to use the TI-83 Plus (Part 1)

Today's soundtrack is Angelo Badalamenti: Twin Peaks Limited Event Series Original Soundtrack. "Laura's Theme" is such an emotional piece of art.

This morning's project is a bit different; my friend gave me his old TI-83 Plus, which I'll be using for my aforementioned upcoming pre-calculus math course. Today, I'll go through the manual and learn how to use this calculator.

I started by doing a master reset, and found that I have software version 1.17 installed.

The yellow "2nd" button accesses the yellow functions above each key; the green "ALPHA" button accesses the green functions above each key. The "ENTER" key is the "=" key. Results to equations are shown on the line below the equation.

The "(-)" key is differentiated from the "-" key; the former is an indicator of negation, and the latter is the symbol for subtraction.

To store a value in a variable, type the number, hit "STO->", hit "ALPHA", type the desired letter, and press "ENTER". To remove the value from the variable, use those same steps to store 0 to the variable.

The next few pages go through how to graph a function and graph a table. I don't know what the purpose of this is right now, so I'll come back to this section when I need it.

To change a decimal to a fraction or vice versa, use the "MATH" key to choose which one to convert to.

That's all the time I have for today; next time, I'll learn about using the calculator to solve for X.