06.11.2018: One Chapter of Nonfiction

Today's soundtrack is Childish Gambino: "Awaken, My Love!"

This evening, I'm reading chapter 3 of John Calvin's The Institutes of Christian Religion, "The Knowledge of God Has Been Naturally Imprinted In the Human Mind."

God imparts a knowledge of His existence into every man's mind "so that no one can plead ignorance" (p. 27). If He wishes to, He can increase man's awareness for the purpose of quickening his conscience. Evidence of this fact that a knowledge of God is innate in all men is proven by the fact that no matter how remote a civilization, they know that the world has a creator. Since man's instinct is to bow to nobody, why do all civilizations hold to some form of religion, even bowing to statues made of stone or wood? "Even idol worship adds proof" (p. 27) of the universal awareness of a God.