02.05.2018: One Lesson of Blender

Today's soundtrack is Tangerine Dream: Quantum Gate.

I've always wanted to learn how to do 3D modeling. I'm starting with the classic "donut" tutorial by Blender Guru (https://youtu.be/JYj6e-72RDs). The focus of the tutorial series is to teach people new to Blender how to model something, how to use materials, and how to use lighting.

What I've learned in the first video:

- Switched to left-click selection

- Use num pad "." to focus on selected object

- Use num pad "5" to switch from perspective to orthographic

- Middle mouse button: rotate perspective

- Shift+middle mouse button: pan

- Shift+A: Insert new object

- X: delete selected object

- Space: find shortcuts

- Alt+a: render simulation

Also, I learned to make a flaming monkey head!