Everstorm's Eve: Vignettes

My fourth album is instrumental; it features a collection of short pieces written for the piano and the mellotron.

Everstorm's Eve: Floating

My third album features synth-driven experimental music with robotic vocorders and thoughtful piano riffs.

Everstorm's Eve: Cephalopod, Eater öv the Void

My sophomore album, a heavy metal concept album, is about space, the cosmic Kraken, calculus, and the end of life as we know it.

Everstorm's Eve: Watch the Stars

My debut album features introspective lyrics and a fusion of indie pop-rock, folk, and electronica. 

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Large-Scale Projects

Bible Time Estimator

A table that shows an estimated length of time to read each book of the Bible

I AM, Too!

A mockup of the cover of a Kenneth Copeland book based on this interview and this quote

Special Triangles in Unit Circle

This image shows the relationship between the special triangles in the first quadrant of the Unit Circle.

Subscript/Superscript Resource

A compilation of superscript and subscript letters, numbers, symbols, and Greek characters. Useful for blog editors that don't support sub/superscript, or for any word processor without this functionality.

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Other Projects